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Myopia is a growing threat for children1

Modern lifestyles and indoor habits increase our children’s eyes exposure to high contrast which can lead to myopia progression.2
More screen time3
Less outside time3
Intense education3
By 2050, 50% of the Global population is predicted to be myopic1.
Contrast theory

Manage Contrast to Manage Myopia2


Myopia is characterized by excessive eye elongation.

Contrast theory2

High levels of contrast on the retina signal the eye to elongate. Our modern indoor lifestyles come with higher contrast (using electronic screens, reading...).

Manage Contrast to Manage Myopia Explanation
Diffusion Optics Technology™

Introducing DOT

Diffusion Optics Technology™ integrates thousands of light scattering elements called DOT that slighlty reduce contrast at all distances.

Diffusion Optics Technology explanations

Our lenses reduce contrast by softly scattering light

  • Before it hits the retina
  • Before the retina detects the high contrast and signal the eye to elongate

The only spectacles lenses that have demonstrated significant reduction of myopia progression over 36 months in a multi-centric, multi-ethnicity study with children as young as 6 years old.4

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