Our modern visual
environment is artificial contrast

Contrast theory¹

Children are exposed to artificial contrast in the modern visual environment contributing to myopia development.
Diffusion Optics Technology™

Introducing DOT™

Diffusion Optics Technology™ integrates thousands of light scattering elements called dots that mimic more natural contrast at all distances.

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The first spectacles lenses that have demonstrated significant reduction of myopia progression over 36 months in a multi centre, multi-ethnicity study with children as young as 6 years old².

Key Figures

Clinically proven results

Kids had no clinically meaningful myopia progression after 1 year*
*No clinically meaningful change in refractive error means that there was less than a 0.25D increase in myopia progression from baseline as measured by cycloplegic autorefraction.(p‹0.0001).
REF: Rappon J, et al. Br J Ophthalmol Epub ahead of print: 01/09/22
Reduced myopia progression by 59% over 2 years when worn full time*
*Full time wear determined from analysis based on parent responses to in office question 'Does your child remove their spectacles for any near vision activities?
REF: SGV Data on file 2021
Children say they love their DOT glasses*
*Proportion agreeing to “I love my dot glasses" at the 30-day visit.
REF: SGV Data on file 2021. Control of Myopia Using Peripheral Diffusion Lenses: Efficacy and Safety Study, 24-month results (n = 256, 14 North American sites).

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(1) Rappon J, et al. Br J Ophthalmol Epub ahead of print: 01/09/22

(2) SGV Data on file 2022